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Join Us, Jenny Joy & Rebecca Randolph for a 9 month birth your book journey.

Birth Your Book Program

a 9 Month Journey with The Book Doulas 
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Jenny Joy and Rebecca are mama's, healers, authors and coaches. They both share the mission of helping others birth their #1 Best-Selling Amazon book to help them begin their legacies of contribution.
This journey is for anyone who is sick and tired of procrastinating in creating their #1 Best-Selling Amazon book and is committed to dive deep into a journey of transformation by connecting, being generous, and contributing to the planet.



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There will also be some other fabulous offers in the future to work with us.

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"Working with Jenny Joy allowed me to publish my #1 Best-Selling Amazon book with grace, ease and awe. I was blown away by the level of support and commitment Jenny Joy brought to my journey."
Rebecca Intuitive Wellness Coach
"Rebecca’s passion for her work is palpable. It was amazing how quickly I dropped in and all thoughts dissolved. I felt I had an honest to God blessing of light that I could see and feel enter my body.  I believe Rebecca has an intuitive gift and has found her calling."
Allana Pratt Intimacy Expert & Podcast Icon
“Jenny Joy helped me to shed any residual energy that was stored up after years of neglecting my breathe. Her gentle, yet strong and loving presence set my soul at ease and helped me to breathe my way into a new being. Her breathe work session was like the icing on the cake to a year long healing process for me. She helped me to truly feel transformed and re-birthed on my Birthday. I highly recommend a session with Jenny Joy. She is a true treasure trove of healing energy.”
Lindsey Flores Boyls Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Shamanic Practitioner